Internal Quality Assurance Cell: Members (2020-21)


Dr. Sudha Pathak, Principal

Asst. Coordinator

Dr. Archana Srivastava, Assoc. Professor, Physics

Dr. Renu Mishra, Head, Department of Botany & Microbiology


Dr. Shubha Kapdeo, Dean, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Neena Arora, Assoc. Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Shriji Seth, Head, Department of Politcal Science

Dr. Smita Nair, Head, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Shalu Saxena, Head, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Chayya Makhijani, Asst. Professor, Department of Computer Science & Applications

Dr. Soma Nag , Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce

Dr. Varsha Saxena, Asst. Prof., Department of Chemistry

Dr. Romsha Sharma, Asst. Professor, Department Of Computer Science & Applications

Dr. Kusum Dixit Chauhan, Principal(Law)

Alumnae Nominee

Ms. Jyoti Singh

Local Society Nominee

Shri. Tribhuvan Sachdeva, Member Sri Sathya Sai Education Society, Bhopal

Student Nominee

Ms. Mansi Chouhan (B.Com. III Year)

Member from the Management

Prof. G.V. Pathak, Retired Professor of Political Science, SSSCW, Bhopal

Senior Administrative Officers

Dr. R.B. Sharma, Academic Director, SSSWC, Bhopal

Shri. O.P.Mishra, Administrative Officer, SSSWC, Bhopal

Mrs. Khushboo Vishwakarma, Librarian, SSSWC, Bhopal

Dr.SadhnaAnant, HOD Education, Student Welfare Union Incharge SSSCW, Bhopal


Shri S.K. Sachdeva, Indore.


Shri. Jamboo Bhandari, Indore


Dr. M.S. Raghuwanshi, Additional Director, Higher Education, Bhopal

Annual Quality Assurance Reports
  • To explore potential & strive for excellence.
  • Emancipation & Empowerment of women through value based education
  • To sensitize the human instincts of love, compassion & discipline.
  • To inculcate a consciousness & passion for serving humanity.
  • Development of well integrated personality
  • Development of well integrated personality
  • To instill discipline, self confidence, & feeling of brotherhood
  • To develop faith in God & a sense of national pride
  • To inculcate a consciousness & passion for serving humanity.
Student Performance and Learning Outcomes

Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes for all programs offered by our institution are stated here:

Institutional Distinctiveness & Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

  • To save the ideals and resolutions of Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, there is a special event of the Indian Culture &Spiritual Camp which is held every year in college...

Best Practices

  • Education in human values and Spiritual inputs.
  • Activities to empower women through skill development & counseling.
Non Statutory Committees

1. Planning and Evaluation Committee

1. Dr. Archana Srivastava
2. Dr. Renu Mishra
3. Dr. Smita Nair

2. Grievance Redressal Committee

1. Dr. Prerna Shrivastava

2. Dr. Seema Soni

3. Sexual Harassment Committee

1. Dr. Shikha Mandloi
2. Dr. Prerna Shrivastava

4. Students Welfare Committee

 1. Dr. Sadhana Anant
 2. Ms. Kiran Shandilya

5. Academic Audit Committee

1. Dr. Neena Arora
2. Dr. Shobhana Shrivastava
3. Dr. Soma Nag
4. Dr. Renu Shrivastava
5. Ms. Arpana Sinhal
6. Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi

6. Admission Committee

1. Dr. Asha Agrawal
2. Dr. Shubha Kapdeo
3. Dr. Sudha Tripathi
4. Dr. Purnima Joshi
5. Smt. Abhilasha Kumar (Convenor)
6. Dr. Shriji Seth
7. Dr. Neena Chatterjee
8. Dr. Sunita Yadav
9. Ms. Girjesh Chouhan

7. Examination Committee

1. Dr. Asha Agrawal
2. Dr. Shubha Kapdeo
3. Dr. Sudha Tripathi
4. Smt. Abhilasha Kumar

8. Library Committee

1. Dr. Sadhana Ananth
2. Ms. Poornima Malviya (Librarian)
3. Ms. Khushboo Vishwakarma (Librarian) 

9.Extra Curricular Committee

1. Dr. Malti Joshi (Convenor)
2. Lt. Sarita Kushwah
3. Dr. Shobhna Shrivastava
4. Dr. Neena Chatterjee
5. Dr. Anupama Chauhan
6. Dr. Pooja Chaggar
7. Ms. Supriya Singh Chouksey
8. Dr. Anita Awasthi
9. Dr. Harsha Chaturvedi
10. Ms. Nishi Yadav
11. Dr. Anita Tiwari
12. Dr. Meenu Pandey